To all the members past and present, to all of you that tore shit up at the gigs, to all the bands we have played with, to all the blown PA’s, broken stages and all those that ever believed in us – we salute you.

“Satisfying blasts of brutal industrial metal!” – Kerrang!

“Surgically precise… Pure energy condensed!” – Terrorizer

“Metal can’t sound more modern, more brutal! Even absolutely exceptional groups like Strapping Young Lad can’t match the power of Needleye. – Legacy

“Very violent yet very slick. A hugely confident and in-your-face performance that left my eardrums throbbing for the next 48 hours.” – Kerrang!

“Needleye are ready to start a war somewhere, sounding, as they do, like the levelling of cities. If they wanted to get any louder they’d have to start lobbing grenades into the front row.” – Rock Sound

“If you ever wanted something harder and faster than Nailbomb, Fear Factory, Slayer, Chimera and Strapping Young Lad combined then look no further – Needleye are here to destroy your world!” – TMF Online

Evolving from studio-based machine to live bludgeoning metal, the band Needleye was formed with a feral breed of hybrid music which saw them enjoy much success over many years. Support slots with The Haunted, Godhead, Prong, Extreme Noise Terror, Sikth, Mortiis, Murder One, Mercenary, Apoptygma Berzerk, Society 1, New Disease, Raging Speedhorn and Breed 77 saw Needleye’s show’s rapidly acquire legendary status. Remixing with bands such as Dope Stars Inc, Chemlab, Leech Woman and Marc Heal / Cubanate further cemented them as industrial-metal giants alongside Fear Factory, Nailbomb and Misery Loves co.

Amassing shows including the now legendary Astoria, The Underworld, Hard Club, Subterania, Relentless Garage, Uxfest and TMF festivals, numerous cover-mounts and substantial mainstream airplay on the Extreme Sports Channel and Total Rock Radio, Needleye were a hammer-blow to the head, always seeking a new world order of audio terrorism.

Needleye – Ode To None

Label: Revolution Harmony

Vocals: Duncan Wilkinson

Guitar: Mike Fletcher, James Howard

Bass: Ray Holroyd

Drums: Adrian Erlandsson