Roll up; roll up! Ladies and gentlemen, if you dare to listen, you shall witness in dismay the shock horror of a bona fide live 1920s Metal show!

Without further ado, allow me to introduce to you the London-based dodecaphonic metal band, 12 Ton Method.

“a band to watch out for” – Kerrang!

“the musicianship throughout is impressive” – Kerrang!

“low-end chugging, gruff bellowing, and prog-style multi-layered vocal harmonies” – Kerrang!

“12 Ton Method combine huge fuzz-monster riffage with metallic brutality and hardcore intensity” – Metal Hammer

“The only way is up” – Rock Sound

“Definitely some interesting ideas going on here” – Big Cheese

“Crazy” – Big Cheese

12 Ton Method composes and performs a unique breed of 1920s Metal with an underlying message that Metal was born in 1923. How? Why? Well, when defining the genre of Metal you must first ask the question: What makes music Metal? The answer: Dissonance and extremity. Now, when was music at its most dissonant and extreme? 1923. And who took it to that climax?

Arnold Schoenberg composed the most dissonant and extreme music ever heard and his works were deemed violent and incomprehensible. Now that dissonant and extreme music has been embraced by millions of open-minded individuals around the world, it’s time to set the record straight.

Come one, come all, step right up to experience the 1920s Metal extravaganza of 12 Ton Method!

12 Ton Method – The Art Of Not Falling

Label: Copro Records

Vocals: Duncan Wilkinson

Guitar: Ray Holroyd

Bass: Joe Copcutt

Drums: Pat Lundy (Live), Adrian Erlandsson (Studio)

12 Ton Method – The Science Of Not Falling

Label: Revolution Harmony

Remixes of The Art Of Not Falling